(paleo) Lemon curd

I have always said “when life gives you lemons……..make something you love to eat”. ūüôā

There are many things that I love to make with lemons and one of my absolute favourites is lemon curd.¬† My pre-healthy¬†life saw me make this recipe¬†which (at the time) I absolutely loved.¬† For me it is about using something that […]

(paleo) Easy profiteroles

Developing recipes can often be a challenging experience, especially when you are trying to create things that are free of grains, gluten, dairy, refined sugar and on occasion eggs and nuts.  With a list like that even I think Рwhat else is there? However, there is so much we can do with a few basic alternatives.

This is one […]

(LCHF) Meringue stack

I have been trying to make any sort of Paleoish meringue/pavlova for a few weeks now. I think I have used at least three dozen egg whites (and made LOTS of mayonnaise with the yolks) and I finally think I’ve cracked it.

Although these aren’t as thick as a normal […]

(paleo/LCHF) Spiced lamb burgers

Lamb has always been one of my favourite sources of protein.  In fact it was the first meat I ate when I broke out of my 15 years of  vegetarianism!

For as long as I can remember it ahs almost been traditional to have some form of lamb¬†as part of Australia day celebrations.¬† This year I wanted […]

(paleo/LCHF) Cauliflower buns/rolls

I’ve never been a big bread eater.¬† I remember as a child the only thing I really liked was plain white bread with vegemite and grated cheese and even that was only when I was quite young.¬† As I grew older and my palate developed it wasn’t something I gravitated to. […]

(paleo) Pavlova wreath


I have wanted to make a paleo “pavlova” wreath since I started this way of life many years ago.¬† I think I can adapt many things to “become paleo” however I may have met my match……for now.¬† Not that this recipe is a¬†failure, it just isn’t as perfect as […]

(paleo) Carrot cake and cashew cream frosting

One of the things I love to do most in life is to bake.¬† When I was (much) younger I used to sit on the bench and help my Mum cream together butter and sugar for the beginning of a cake –¬†by hand of course –¬†mixing it in the bowl with […]

(paleo) Breakfast bar

In January 2010, I said ‚ÄúHello” to the blogging¬†¬† community and started my Food 4 Thought website.¬† My goal was to put my passion for cooking into pages to share with others and hopefully along the way, inspire people to cook.

How things have changed!¬†¬† I still love to cook […]

(paleo) Pancakes

Mother’s Day is the one day of the year where most of us stop, even if only briefly, to recognise the AMAZING job that Mothers do in this world.¬† I‚Äôm sure the word ‚Äújob‚ÄĚ should actually be in flashing lights because it is a 24/7, all¬†consuming lifetime commitment.

I am extremely blessed […]

(too easy) Carrot cake

Sharing recipes of any kind is a very special thing.¬†¬† Some of them involve¬†family traditions and¬†secret ingredients; many are not even written down and only learnt through teaching the next generation.¬† This¬†is something that I have always loved about cooking and one of the things that drives me to continue teaching […]