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Creamy chicken casserole

Being a self confessed cooking and food addict does not mean that I am completely immune to those days when you just don’t know what to cook for dinner or simply, and possibly more honestly in my case, just can’t be bothered trying to create something delicious. Yes, it was […]

Alfajores – Spanish shortbread

Both G & I have a “thing” for something sweet after dinner. I know, not the best thing for the waistline but it is just one of those things that we can’t seem to deny ourselves. Usually whatever sweet little morsel we choose is accompanied by a good quality cup of coffee. Earlier […]

BBQ chicken casserole

The weather has been a little cooler this week, staying in the high 20’s rather than being close to 40°C. This made me want to cook something warm & hearty rather than something that would go with salad which we tend to eat when the weather is warm. I found an entry written […]

Need to use – Yoghurt

Coming home from being out of town is always a wonderful feeling. Not that I don’t love going away, I just adore the comforts of home and especially being with G. I usually try to leave a few pre-prepared dinners for him when I am away so that he doesn’t […]