(paleo/LCHF) Spiced lamb burgers

Lamb has always been one of my favourite sources of protein.  In fact it was the first meat I ate when I broke out of my 15 years of  vegetarianism!

For as long as I can remember it ahs almost been traditional to have some form of lamb as part of Australia day celebrations.  This year I wanted […]

Make your own - Lamb stock

In cooking, there are certain things that are just better made at home, even if they are a little time consuming.  Stock is one of those things that, whenever I have the time, I like to make myself.  There are some very good chicken and beef stocks on the market so I tend not […]

Indian feast - 4 delicious dishes


I have mentioned my love for cooking with spices in many posts and have included both Thai and Indian categories in my list because they are two of the cuisines I cook whenever I have the opportunity.  I sometimes find that making spice mixes and curry pastes can be quite […]

Lamb with quinoa and roasted pumpkin

Continuing to support our commitment to eating healthy throughout the winter months I have been searching for recipes that will serve our purpose.  The problem I often find with low-fat, dairy free, wheat free meals is that while they might be a healthier alternative they can often lack in flavour.  However, this is not the case […]

Lamb koftas

I generally have a few staple dinners that I cook during the week.  You know what I mean, those dishes that you know take minimum time to prepare and taste great for what they are.  Lately though, I have been trying to make sure that I cook a few different things.  That, combined […]