(paleo) Lemon curd

9paleo) Lemon curd

I have always said “when life gives you lemons……..make something you love to eat”.

There are many things that I love to make with lemons and one of my absolute favourites is lemon curd.  My pre-healthy life saw me make this recipe which (at the time) I absolutely loved.  For me it is about using something [...]

(paleo/raw) Trio of smoothies

Paleo smoothies

The start of a new year seems to be the time that many of us make resolutions to change something in our life for the better.  While I’m not one to do so because I feel like I am setting myself up to fail, it is a time that I reflect on my [...]

(healthy) Ice cream

Ice cream

It never ceases to amaze me how popular the Thermomix has become.  It seems to be the “BBQ conversation” for both men and women.  Many more husbands are buying the Thermomix as a Christmas gift and lots more Mums want them before Christmas to help with the festive food.  Mmmmm Christmas cocktails   In [...]

Berry crumble slice

Berry crumble slice


Several times I have mentioned that the inspiration to create a new recipe can come from many and varied places.  Although this recipe was developed more out of necessity than inspiration.

Most places I’ve lived I have been fortunate enough to have two fridge/freezers or at the least a large fridge [...]

Passionfruit curd

Passionfruit curd tartlets

Thermomix.  Two years ago I would never have believed how big an impact this one kitchen appliance could have on my life.

After vowing that I would never buy one because “no kitchen appliance could be worth that money” I went to a friend’s demonstration with an open mind to “have a look”.  Halfway [...]

Fig and brown butter tart

Fig Tart

I love showing people the amazing features of the Thermomix.  Watching their faces light up when we create icing sugar from raw sugar in just 9 second and 2 litres of fresh fruit sorbet in 2 minutes with no artificial colours, flavours or preservatives.  The smallest, smartest kitchen machine as it is known [...]

Passionfruit cupcakes with vanilla buttercream

Passionfruit cupcake

Cooking with seasonal ingredients is something I always try to do.  It gives our dishes the best possible flavour because the produce is at its peak when it is in season.  It also means that we can (generally) source items from our local area.

This was one of the things [...]

Banana bread

Banana bread

I never thought I’d own a Thermomix, let alone actually be doing in-home demonstrations and loving being an Independent Consultant for the product.

Why? You might ask.  Sometimes I tell my story about how I started in this  business during my demos.  Briefly, I owned every kitchen appliance known to man.  I was [...]

Sweet risotto with strawberries, pistachios and limoncello

Sweet risotto

I’ve always been somewhat creative in the kitchen.  Sometimes this creativity has served me well and others not so much.  Yes, I have had my fair share of disasters in the kitchen but I’m not going to share them right now .

When I decided to develop this recipe I threw [...]

Strawberry & rhubarb crumble

Strawberry & Rhubarb Crumble

I have always found it quite fascinating how our taste buds change over the years.  And I have often wondered, is it because of age, because we experience different things or simply because we are more open to trying something new?

No matter what the reason, it means we can often find ourselves [...]