Chicken risotto

During my classes I have often been asked what I thought of the Thermomix when I first saw it.  My response has always been the same.  “An amazing machine, can do so many things but I wouldn’t buy one”.  When I was asked why I would never be a Thermomix owner my response was “because […]

Espresso marshmallows


A good espresso is something that is celebrated in our house.  For the past few years G has immersed himself into the world of caffeine and has become quite the self-educated connoisseur.  His love of this habit (for want of a better word) has also meant that half of our kitchen bench space […]

Raspberry marshmallows


Valentine’s Day has never been something that I have celebrated.  I prefer to show my special man that I love him whenever I feel like it throughout the year rather than on one particular day.  I’m also very fortunate that G feels exactly the same.  We both buy each other gifts for […]