Buttermilk and vanilla cake with raspberries


One of the things I love about cooking is being able to bring pleasure to other people’s lives.  I know that might sound like a cliché but it is honestly the truth.  I guess cooking for others is my tool for showing that I care about them. 

I made this cake […]

Salty caramel and chocolate christmas crackers

Christmas is widely considered to be a time for giving.  Being a “foodie” I am overjoyed by any opportunity to cook for others.  Christmas gives me a wonderful excuse to create homemade gifts for friends and loved ones.  My staples for the past few years have been White chocolate and pistachio nut fudge […]

Puppy treats


G and I have a little girl in our lives who is very special to us.  She makes us laugh, makes us cry (I was a weeping mess when I had to watch her go into surgery recently) and brings immense joy to our home. 

It was her (Miss B’s) Birthday recently and […]