Visiting Pemberton, WA - Kangaroo Creek Chalets

For purely selfish reasons I really don’t want to tell you about this wonderful property because I know next time I want to visit there is the possibility that it will be unavailable.  Alas, I committed to share all parts of my food journey and technically this is part of it.  Doh!  🙂

Visiting Pemberton - Lost Lake Wines

Going away on holidays can be a combination of stress and relief.  The stress comes when trying to organise everything and also working out what to do while away.  G and I are both meticulous when it comes to researching all the details to the nth degree, sometimes ending up with too many […]

Chocolate chip cookies

Cookies (or biscuits if you live down under) are one of those things that can make anyone weak at the knees when they are fresh from the oven, especially if they are chocolate chip cookies.  I think that people who love baking are always on the hunt for the best recipes […]

Upside down caramel pear cake

Birthday cakes can come in all shapes and sizes and can range from something simple to quite elaborate.  For my Birthday this year I wanted to make something that we could eat as a dessert.  Pears are in season at the moment and I absolutely love bosc pears.  They have a slight crunch that gives way […]

Fettucini with roast pumpkin, pancetta and peas

I’ve been making pasta for a little while now.  For my Birthday last year I was given some gift vouchers to kitchenware stores from many friends (sincere thanks to you all).  Late last year I finally decided that I really wanted the pasta attachments to add to my Kitchen Aid mixer.  Up […]

Cinnamon roll muffins


Sunday is normally the day when I have a small window of time to bake a little and it is a time that I treasure.  Baking is something that makes me feel satisfied, brings a warm feeling to my heart and makes me feel like I am nurturing those […]

Classic lemon cheesecake


Last Sunday was Mother’s Day and also G’s Birthday.  I wanted to be able to look after everyone on their special days so decided to call my Mum interstate, cook breakfast for G’s Mum and create something special for G in the evening.  Speaking to my Mum was lovely and I am […]