Passionfruit curd

Thermomix.  Two years ago I would never have believed how big an impact this one kitchen appliance could have on my life.

After vowing that I would never buy one because “no kitchen appliance could be worth that money” I went to a friend’s demonstration with an open mind to “have a look”.  Halfway […]

Leek and bacon tart

I remember my first few weeks of owning a Thermomix.  Like many people, I was unsure about how it really worked or what I had to do.  My feelings were a mixture of fear and excitement all rolled into one.  I was so pleased to have this amazing machine on my kitchen […]

Fig and brown butter tart

I love showing people the amazing features of the Thermomix.  Watching their faces light up when we create icing sugar from raw sugar in just 9 second and 2 litres of fresh fruit sorbet in 2 minutes with no artificial colours, flavours or preservatives.  The smallest, smartest kitchen machine as it is known […]

Lemon Tart - Thermomix

Some time ago I made a strawberry and lemon tart in my food processor.  Crisp and buttery pastry, tangy smooth filling, it was the kind of dessert that both G & I love.  Unfortunately it didn’t score too highly on the G scale (nor with me really) and the remainder was given away […]

Banana and rosemary tarte tatin

Spending time with friends is something that I love to do.  And when they happen to be a fellow foodie it is an extra bonus for me because they tend to feel the same way I do when I talk about food and cooking.  I get so exhilarated, almost like a “kid in […]

Strawberry and lemon tart

Cooking with good quality seasonal produce is something that every great chef will attest to being one of the things that makes for a wonderful dish.   I love trying to find different ways of using things when they are in season.  I also have a passion for baking cakes and slices and my favourite course […]

Potato crusted silverbeet and feta tart


Being a self confessed food and cooking addict means that I have several vices such as most pieces of obscure kitchen equipment known to man; too many cookbooks to fit on any bookshelves in existence and a substantial collection of food pornography in the form of several magazine collections.  It is for these […]

Brown butter banana tart


Having good friends over for dinner gives me an excellent excuse to create something that I would not normally make.  So when one of my girlfriends said she could join us one evening I put my thinking cap on. 

My dear friend Cherie came for dinner last night and brought me some of  […]

Lemon almond tart

I had a dear friend coming around for coffee and a chat today and I didn’t have a thing in the cupboard to nibble on while we nattered.  It was 7am and I decided to try a new recipe that another friend had given me recently (as you do at 7am!).  […]

Lime meringue tart

I love the times throughout the year when the seasons start to change.  One of the things that I enjoy the most is discovering a whole new range of ingredients that suddenly appear at the markets.  Citrus fruits one of the things that I love to see and something that I find extremely versatile, they can […]