(paleo) Lemon curd

I have always said “when life gives you lemons……..make something you love to eat”. ūüôā

There are many things that I love to make with lemons and one of my absolute favourites is lemon curd.¬† My pre-healthy¬†life saw me make this recipe¬†which (at the time) I absolutely loved.¬† For me it is about using something that […]

(paleo) Super simple chocolate

Chocolate has always been one of my favourite things.¬† However, over the years my tastes have changed slightly and more recently I have turned to the “dark side”,¬†preferring nothing less than 70% cacao.¬† That being said, I developed this recipe with others in mind also.

I have always loved giving […]

(Healthy) Caramelised onion jam

The weather has finally warmed up a little in Perth.¬† For me, that means my eating habits change.¬† I want to eat lighter, brighter food.¬† So it is almost time to say goodbye to my curries and wintery stews and hello to more salads, shakes and ice creams.¬†¬† It also means the opportunity for more […]

(paleo) Faux white chocolate

Easter time is one of those joyous occasions when many of us catch up with family and friends.  Good food, company and a beverage or two.

There also tends to be LOTS of chocolate in one form or another.¬† Easter hunts are still as popular as ever with more and more varieties […]

(paleo) Pork & eggplant curry

Hellllllloooooo!!!!!  It is so long since I have posted on my website, looked at a new recipe or even spoken to you all that I feel like I almost need to reintroduce myself.

For those who are new to my¬†blog, my sincere welcome, I hope you find it interesting.¬† For those who are […]

(paleo) Breakfast bar

In January 2010, I said ‚ÄúHello” to the blogging¬†¬† community and started my Food 4 Thought website.¬† My goal was to put my passion for cooking into pages to share with others and hopefully along the way, inspire people to cook.

How things have changed!¬†¬† I still love to cook […]

(paleo) Lemon cheesecake

Food journeys, diets, eating plans, lifestyle choices.  These all evolve, grow and change, at times somewhat dramatically throughout our lives.

Food has been a big part of my life for as long as I can remember. My ‚Äújourney‚ÄĚ began as a youngster in the kitchen with my Mum.¬† I remember helping to make sausage rolls for […]

(paleo) Pancakes

Mother’s Day is the one day of the year where most of us stop, even if only briefly, to recognise the AMAZING job that Mothers do in this world.¬† I‚Äôm sure the word ‚Äújob‚ÄĚ should actually be in flashing lights because it is a 24/7, all¬†consuming lifetime commitment.

I am extremely blessed […]

(healthy) Ice cream

It never ceases to amaze me how popular the Thermomix has become.¬† It seems to be the “BBQ conversation” for both men and women.¬† Many more husbands are buying¬†the Thermomix¬†as¬†a Christmas gift and lots¬†more Mums want them before Christmas to help with the festive food.¬† Mmmmm Christmas cocktails ūüôā¬† In future […]

3 ingredients cupcakes

As those who own a Thermomix know, there are many advantages in doing so.¬† One of the things that I never¬†actually considered when I was purchasing the machine was just how much money I could save on the very basic things that many of us buy pre-packaged.¬† Items such as stock, […]