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Raw lamingtons

Lamingtons are almost an Australian institution and have long been associated with Australia Day. They come in all shapes and sizes from traditional slab cakes covered in chocolate and coconut to a lamington smoothie!?!

I gave this recipe “The Healthy Spin” and came up with something slightly alternative (truly – they are a far cry from the real thing but just as tasty!) and a little bit of a fun take on the traditional cousins.

Raw Lamingtons

No: Gluten / Grain / Dairy / Soy / Refined sugar.
Suits: Vegetarian, Vegan, Paleo, Low carb option
Contains: Nuts
Serves 4-6.

Preparation Time 23 minutes + setting time
Cooking time 2 minutes
Makes approx. 12 lamingtons Ingredients
Total Preparation Time 25 minutes + setting time

You will need
Slice tin (approx. 30x20cm) lined with non-stick paper

40-60g maple syrup (or sweetener of choice)
100g blanched almonds or macadamia nuts
100g raw cashew nuts
120g shredded coconut
70g coconut oil
2 tsp vanilla bean paste or extract
70g chia seeds

1 batch Strawberry Chia Jam

100g dark chocolate, roughly chopped
Extra shredded coconut

1.       If using Erythritol or similar, mill with MC on / 10 secs / Speed 9. Scrape down. Otherwise skip this step.  
2.       Scrape down and mix ingredients with spatula, blend with MC on / 20 secs / Speed 8 or until mixture holds together when a small amount is squeezed in your hand.
3.       Divide the mixture in half. With damp hands, place half into lined tin and press down firmly.  It should be approx. ½-1cm in height when finished. Freeze for up to 20 mins or until firm.
4.       Remove base from tray, keeping it on the paper and place onto a chopping board.  Cut base in half (it doesn’t matter if you cut the length or width), set half aside. Spread enough Strawberry Chia Jam on one half to make a thick filling.  Spread evenly and place set aside half of the base on top.  Gently press down to secure in place without squeezing filling out. Place onto the paper and (using the paper), carefully pick up the completed lamington and place back into tray to hold in place.  Freeze for a further 20 minutes or until set together.
5.       Once set, prepare coating. Add dark chocolate to mixing bowl, mill for 10 sec/speed 9/MC on. Scrape down and melt with MC on / 2 mins / 60°C/ Speed 2.
6.       Pour chocolate into a bowl and extra shredded coconut into a separate bowl.
7.       Remove slice from freezer and cut into bite size lamingtons.  One at a time, coat with chocolate, then coconut.  Place each one onto tray and refrigerate until needed.  These can also be frozen. Remove from freezer 10 minutes before serving to allow to thaw slightly.

My tips
* You can also make this mixture into bliss balls.  Pipe small balls of Strawberry Chia Jam onto a tray lined with non-stick paper and freeze until firm.  Then wrap each jam ball in the base mixture and coat each bliss ball with chocolate and coconut.
* You can use any combination of the nuts mentioned. You may need to mill the mixture a little less if you use all macadamia and cashew nuts as they are softer.

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