Lime meringue tart

I love the times throughout the year when the seasons start to change.  One of the things that I enjoy the most is discovering a whole new range of ingredients that suddenly appear at the markets.  Citrus fruits one of the things that I love to see and something that I find extremely versatile, they can […]

Choc chip banana bread

Having spent many years working in the health and fitness industry there was a necessity for me to learn quite a lot about nutrition.  One of the things that I remember from my days in that field is a quote that explains how our daily food intake should be consumed.  “Breakfast like a King, Lunch like a Prince and […]

Thai pumpkin and fish curry

Continuing my journey into the unknown depths of my freezer has allowed me to discover certain items that I had completely forgotten about.  I’m not sure that is a good thing or something that I should be admitting to but it is a fact.  One of those items was a large fillet of crimson snapper.  It […]

Chicken tortellini my way

 I know this photo doesn’t look like tortellini but I encourage you read on to discover the whole story.     

Sometimes disasters in the kitchen can be devastating.  That is one of the reasons I test my recipes for my classes several times before teaching them.  However, other times they can be the perfect opportunity […]

Lamb koftas

I generally have a few staple dinners that I cook during the week.  You know what I mean, those dishes that you know take minimum time to prepare and taste great for what they are.  Lately though, I have been trying to make sure that I cook a few different things.  That, combined […]

Cheat's panforte

Yesterday was a day of spring cleaning, even though it is autumn at the moment.  A couple of times a year I like to clean all of those places that never get cleaned.  I also like to go through the fridge and either throw out or use up all the jars of things that say “refrigerate […]

Need to use - Egg whites

Being invited to a friends place for dinner is a special treat for me as not too many people will invite and willingly cook for a (self confessed) food junkie.  However, our friend M is a wonderful cook in his own right and often provides me with recipes for his generous and delicious […]

Need to use - Banana (part 2)

In our house, fresh fruit is something that we tend to eat more in the summer, although we still go through fads.  One week we’ll eat quite a bit and others it just seems to sit around.  The most common thing we seem to be left with at the end of the week is […]