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Blueberry, lemon, yoghurt cake

In a recent post I mentioned my effort to cook with ingredients that were in season.

I think a big part of what drives me to do so is shopping for fresh fruit and vegetables at local markets. When the new season produce is on the shelf I […]

Classic lemon cheesecake embellished with hibiscus flowers in syrup

Being a passionate cook often involves giving and receiving food related gifts. I love seeing the look on someone’s face when they try something that I have created and really enjoy it. The gifts I have received over the years have been many and varied.

Items such […]

Meringue nests with berry and cream topping

I have always loved having friends over for dinner parties more than going out to a restaurant. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t mind paying someone to create delicious food and to do the washing up for me. I just like to try and create things that I think my […]

Lemon yoghurt cake

Visiting friends or having friends over always gives me a great excuse to bake and I often like to try something different. My recipes come from a range of sources such as my Mum, my Nanna, other people blogs, the internet in general and sometimes they are given to […]

Cheat’s panforte

Yesterday was a day of spring cleaning, even though it is autumn at the moment. A couple of times a year I like to clean all of those places that never get cleaned. I also like to go through the fridge and either throw out or use up all the jars of things […]

Need to use – Egg whites

Being invited to a friends place for dinner is a special treat for me as not too many people will invite and willingly cook for a (self confessed) food junkie. However, our friend M is a wonderful cook in his own right and often provides me with recipes for his generous and delicious […]

Need to use – Yoghurt

Coming home from being out of town is always a wonderful feeling. Not that I don’t love going away, I just adore the comforts of home and especially being with G. I usually try to leave a few pre-prepared dinners for him when I am away so that he doesn’t […]

Need to use – Banana

As I mentioned in the first series of this subject, sometimes I find the most simple and delicious creations can be inspired by things that need to be used up. This cake was inspired by some fast becoming blacker than the ace of spades bananas that were in our fruit bowl. I was […]