(Healthy) Caramelised onion jam

The weather has finally warmed up a little in Perth.  For me, that means my eating habits change.  I want to eat lighter, brighter food.  So it is almost time to say goodbye to my curries and wintery stews and hello to more salads, shakes and ice creams.   It also means the opportunity for more […]

(too easy) Carrot cake

Sharing recipes of any kind is a very special thing.   Some of them involve family traditions and secret ingredients; many are not even written down and only learnt through teaching the next generation.  This is something that I have always loved about cooking and one of the things that drives me to continue teaching […]

Beetroot chocolate ice-cream

If someone had of told me a few years ago that I would be a Thermomix consultant I would have laughed until I fell off my chair.  At the time, I was never going to own a kitchen appliance that cost $2000 “because there was no way any appliance could be […]

Green power soup

With the season starting to move towards winter G and I have both suffered with a slight sore throat and minor head cold.  So I’ve been thinking about how I can give our immune system a little boost.

Recently I’ve been reading about the health benefits of Kale.  It appears that […]

Cauliflower, watercress and blue cheese soup


When you are passionate about cooking, read as many recipes as I do and cook as often as I cook you tend to learn rather quickly there are certain ingredients that just seem to belong together.  I associate it with any other relationship.  Sometimes, two people being together just isn’t […]

Potato crusted silverbeet and feta tart


Being a self confessed food and cooking addict means that I have several vices such as most pieces of obscure kitchen equipment known to man; too many cookbooks to fit on any bookshelves in existence and a substantial collection of food pornography in the form of several magazine collections.  It is for these […]

Red lentil, kumara and coconut soup

A little while ago I realised that my obsession for food magazines and cookbooks was completely out of control.  My bookshelves were almost bursting out of the shelves, my spare room looked more like a library as each day passed and the spare piles of magazines were becoming high enough that I […]

Carrot cake

When we go over to friends for a casual dinner they will sometimes allow me to bring dessert.  I love being able to make things that I know they love.  Recently, Aunty J invited us for Friday night pizza so I insisted on providing the sweet treat to follow our main and she […]

Pumpkin scones












I’ve never considered myself a technical genius or one to share the intimacies of my life with the rest of the world.  Don’t get me wrong, I love sharing my food […]

Fettucini with roast pumpkin, pancetta and peas

I’ve been making pasta for a little while now.  For my Birthday last year I was given some gift vouchers to kitchenware stores from many friends (sincere thanks to you all).  Late last year I finally decided that I really wanted the pasta attachments to add to my Kitchen Aid mixer.  Up […]