Sautéed brussels sprouts with bacon and almonds


When I was a child I was considered one of the ‘weird kids’ for many reasons.  I was always on time, I liked my teachers, I loved sports and I ate things that other kids wouldn’t even look at.  Things like lambs fry, cabbage and brussels sprouts were often a part […]

Potato crusted silverbeet and feta tart


Being a self confessed food and cooking addict means that I have several vices such as most pieces of obscure kitchen equipment known to man; too many cookbooks to fit on any bookshelves in existence and a substantial collection of food pornography in the form of several magazine collections.  It is for these […]

Mandarin almond cake


Recently I wrote about the generosity of a friend who gave me some mandarins from his orchard and that I decided to make mandarin muffins to take to the office and share with others.  On the day I chose to make them I needed a recipe that was quick and easy because I was extremely […]

Red lentil, kumara and coconut soup

A little while ago I realised that my obsession for food magazines and cookbooks was completely out of control.  My bookshelves were almost bursting out of the shelves, my spare room looked more like a library as each day passed and the spare piles of magazines were becoming high enough that I […]

Mandarin muffins


In some of my previous posts I have mentioned the generosity of friends and colleagues when it comes to serving my passion for cooking.  Several of them grow their own fruit and vegetables and often I am the fortunate recipient of any excess goods that they may have.

One of my friends from the office, Greg […]