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Linguine with lemon, parmesan and soft poached eggs

Sunday evenings are when we usually like to relax at home, especially if we’ve had a busy weekend working on projects or out socialising. This weekend I’ve been working around the house partially completing my annual spring clean (which I should have done months ago) and G has been dedicated to […]

Fettuccini with four P’s (prawns, pancetta, peas and parsley)

In my previous few posts about pasta I mentioned that it is something that G and I don’t normally eat a lot of but it seems that in the past few weeks we have been devouring it a little more regularly. This is possibly due to a couple of reasons. […]

Spaghettini with meatballs

Throughout my childhood and many of my teenage years I was a competitive swimmer. This meant that I consumed large quantities of complex carbohydrates to fuel my body for the long training hours. One of the most frequent things that I used to eat was pasta. I think that was […]

Spaghetti alla puttanesca

Winter is a time when I find it extremely easy to stay at home, eat comfort food and invariable put on weight. By the time summer comes around I have to work really hard to try and reverse things. Recently I made a decision to try and avoid that cycle […]

Fettuccini with roast pumpkin, pancetta and peas

I’ve been making pasta for a little while now. For my Birthday last year I was given some gift vouchers to kitchenware stores from many friends (sincere thanks to you all). Late last year I finally decided that I really wanted the pasta attachments to add to my Kitchen Aid […]