(paleo) Cranberry and pistachio shortbread

Shortbread is one of the treats I enjoy and following a paleo lifestyle doesn’t mean I miss out.   I love the rich buttery taste and the slightly crumbly texture that almost melted in your mouth yet still had a little crunch.  That is exactly what I wanted from this recipe and I think […]

(paleo) Ginger cookies

These days I hear more and more about people with food allergies or sensitivities and I’ve discovered that I’m one of those people.

Learning more about how my body reacts to certain foods has prompted me to ask questions like what am I doing that is contributing to this and how can I change […]

St Nicholas Speculaas

Christmas is a time for giving.  A time for helping those less fortunate than ourselves, for showing our appreciation by passing on gifts of thanks.  It is also a time that many of us use to spend with our families and loved ones because we realise how important they really are.

For […]

“Bonnie” (Dog) biscuits

When I think about what we ate before purchasing our Thermomix it was quite different to what we eat now.  At the time I used to think we had quite a healthy diet.  Lots of fruit and vegetables, red meat a few times a week, chicken and never enough fish :).    However […]

Puppy treats


G and I have a little girl in our lives who is very special to us.  She makes us laugh, makes us cry (I was a weeping mess when I had to watch her go into surgery recently) and brings immense joy to our home. 

It was her (Miss B’s) Birthday recently and […]

Banana bites

Finding new and interesting ways to use overripe bananas seems to be a constant challenge, especially lately.  I buy them with the best of intentions to make sure that I eat at least one piece of fruit each day.  The only problem being that I am quite fickle when it comes to bananas, […]

Peanut butter crinkles

Winter time in Perth is generally milder than most other Australian cities but this year it has been exceptionally so.  Last weekend temperatures were in the mid 20’s (70°F) with no rain in sight for at least another five days.  While the lack of rain causes its own issues I […]

Nanna's gingernut biscuits

There are times that I absolutely love to make things that I have made a hundred times before.  There is something extremely comforting about knowing a recipe like the back of your hand and knowing the steps inside out.  Most of these types of recipes come from my Nanna or my Mum.  

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Blondies (a white chocolate and pecan brownie)


Baking is one of my pleasures in life that I don’t need an excuse to do.  Although, I always seem to have a good reason for the things that I make, whether it be taking a dessert to someone’s place for dinner or simply because our cookie jar is empty.  […]

Passionfruit biscuits

Upon our return from holidays I restocked the fridge with fresh fruit and vegetables ready for the week ahead.  As I was doing so I discovered three passionfruit that looked a little worse for wear.  I thought about throwing them out but then I remembered that when looking for good passionfruit […]