Pizza pockets

Making dough using the Thermomix is one of the simplest and most enjoyable things to do.  This is mainly because the effort is minimal in comparison to the delicious results.

You can let your imagination run wild to create any flavour, shape and texture that you like.  In the past I […]

Chicken risotto

During my classes I have often been asked what I thought of the Thermomix when I first saw it.  My response has always been the same.  “An amazing machine, can do so many things but I wouldn’t buy one”.  When I was asked why I would never be a Thermomix owner my response was “because […]

Chicken laksa

Going back to work after 12 months leave (I know, lucky me) has meant a few changes in our house.  Little Miss (our gorgeous puppy) has lost her automatic door opener (me) throughout the day, G has to help with the housework a little bit more and I have […]

Aromatic chicken pilau


Seeing the final few leaves fall from the frangipani tree signified that winter is just around the corner.  This makes me feel a little sad because I love the summer and autumn months in Perth.  The heat can be exhausting when it is at its most intense but the autumn […]

Chicken tortellini my way

 I know this photo doesn’t look like tortellini but I encourage you read on to discover the whole story.     

Sometimes disasters in the kitchen can be devastating.  That is one of the reasons I test my recipes for my classes several times before teaching them.  However, other times they can be the perfect opportunity […]

Creamy chicken casserole

Being a self confessed cooking and food addict does not mean that I am completely immune to those days when you just don’t know what to cook for dinner or simply, and possibly more honestly in my case, just can’t be bothered trying to create something delicious.  Yes, it was one […]

BBQ chicken casserole

The weather has been a little cooler this week, staying in the high 20’s rather than being close to 40°C.  This made me want to cook something warm & hearty rather than something that would go with salad which we tend to eat when the weather is warm.  I found an entry written in my original recipe book […]