‘Sausage’ and scramble breakfast

Breakfast is one of my favourite meals and I love trying to cook different things at home as well as we when eat out.  We don’t tend to eat out too often (because we think we eat well at home :)) but when we do it is often for breakfast.  We […]

Carrot cake

When we go over to friends for a casual dinner they will sometimes allow me to bring dessert.  I love being able to make things that I know they love.  Recently, Aunty J invited us for Friday night pizza so I insisted on providing the sweet treat to follow our main and she […]

Cupcakes for a cause

As you may already know I never seem to need an excuse to bake something as it is one of my favourite hobbies.  However, when there is a good reason for doing so it makes it that little bit more exciting.  Last Monday was National RSPCA cupcake day here in OZ.  So what is cupcake […]

Orange cake

Whenever we have visitors I always like to have something in the cupboard to offer them to have with a cup of tea or coffee.  So when G told me that he was going to catch up with a couple of mates and then invite them over for a cuppa my first reaction was one of […]

Meringue nests with berry and cream topping

I have always loved having friends over for dinner parties more than going out to a restaurant.  Don’t get me wrong, I don’t mind paying someone to create delicious food and to do the washing up for me.  I just like to try and create things that I think my friends enjoy […]

Peanut butter crinkles

Winter time in Perth is generally milder than most other Australian cities but this year it has been exceptionally so.  Last weekend temperatures were in the mid 20’s (70°F) with no rain in sight for at least another five days.  While the lack of rain causes its own issues I […]

Chicken laksa

Going back to work after 12 months leave (I know, lucky me) has meant a few changes in our house.  Little Miss (our gorgeous puppy) has lost her automatic door opener (me) throughout the day, G has to help with the housework a little bit more and I have […]