(paleo) Lemon curd

I have always said “when life gives you lemons……..make something you love to eat”. ūüôā

There are many things that I love to make with lemons and one of my absolute favourites is lemon curd.¬† My pre-healthy¬†life saw me make this recipe¬†which (at the time) I absolutely loved.¬† For me it is about using something that […]

(paleo) Super simple chocolate

Chocolate has always been one of my favourite things.¬† However, over the years my tastes have changed slightly and more recently I have turned to the “dark side”,¬†preferring nothing less than 70% cacao.¬† That being said, I developed this recipe with others in mind also.

I have always loved giving […]

(paleo) Cranberry and pistachio shortbread

Shortbread is one of the treats I enjoy and following a paleo lifestyle doesn’t mean I miss out.¬†¬† I love the rich buttery taste and the slightly crumbly texture that almost melted in your mouth yet still had a little crunch.¬† That is exactly what I wanted from this recipe and I think […]

(Healthy) Caramelised onion jam

The weather has finally warmed up a little in Perth.¬† For me, that means my eating habits change.¬† I want to eat lighter, brighter food.¬† So it is almost time to say goodbye to my curries and wintery stews and hello to more salads, shakes and ice creams.¬†¬† It also means the opportunity for more […]