“Green eggs & ham” risotto

When some of my friends first  found out that I had purchased a Thermomix, they couldn’t quite believe it.  They felt that I was such a “cook” that I would love the process of cooking and not want to “cheat”.  I must say, I don’t feel that using the Thermomix is cheating.  Many […]

Sweet risotto with strawberries, pistachios and limoncello

I’ve always been somewhat creative in the kitchen.  Sometimes this creativity has served me well and others not so much.  Yes, I have had my fair share of disasters in the kitchen but I’m not going to share them right now :).

When I decided to develop this recipe I threw caution […]

Chicken risotto

During my classes I have often been asked what I thought of the Thermomix when I first saw it.  My response has always been the same.  “An amazing machine, can do so many things but I wouldn’t buy one”.  When I was asked why I would never be a Thermomix owner my response was “because […]

Mozzarella & caramelised onion risotto cakes

Reading recipes was once just a hobby for me but it has fast become an obsession. So much so, that I have adopted the description that one of my friends used once to describe the copious number of cookbooks she owns, “food porn”.  So I guess I should be saying, “Hi, […]

Aromatic chicken pilau


Seeing the final few leaves fall from the frangipani tree signified that winter is just around the corner.  This makes me feel a little sad because I love the summer and autumn months in Perth.  The heat can be exhausting when it is at its most intense but the autumn […]

Asian beef and rice bowl

There are many addictions in the world and it would be remise of me not to admit to one of my own.  Cooking magazines.  Not quite as bad as cook books, although the only reason I buy magazines is because I have so many books that my shelving is beginning to look a […]

Sushi trial

One of the things that I love about cooking is the constant learning that is involved.  It is filled with trials and tribulations as well as successes and celebrations.  Last night G & I decided we would attempt to make sushi for the first time.  Our effort definitely involved the former and not […]