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8 comments to Pumpkin scones

  • Once you acquire a Twitter account, productivity is allllll downhill from there. Resist! Leaves less time for baking treats, anyways šŸ™‚
    Will need to try your new pumpkin scones recipe. Made the old CWA recipe, but it lacked flavour. I suspect the absence of spices was the culprit. Can’t wait for one of these with butter

  • I love the idea of these pumpkin scones. I think I need to make these this weekend instead of muffins. Beautiful presentation!

  • Beautiful scones and your photos are fantastic.

    Iā€™d love for you to submit one of your beautiful photos, and a link to your post, to my new baking photo gallery showcasing the best baking, sweets and desserts on the web.

  • You are so kind. I will add some photos. Thanks for leaving a comment! šŸ™‚

  • Thank you so much for the complement regarding the presentation, I try really hard to make things look delicious too. I hope you enjoy these.

  • I love the simplicity of making scones! I’ve only made them once, but was surprised at how little effort I had to put in to get a great final product! Your variation definitely looks tasty and I look forward to trying it!

  • Mel B

    Thanks for sharing this delicious recipe, I made them this afternoon and they were fabulous šŸ™‚

  • Hi Mel, Thanks so much for your comment. These are one of my favourite scones. I love the spices and the texture. I am so glad you enjoyed them too. Fiona