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Designing a new class – Indian

[1]One of the things that I love most about cooking is passing on all the information that I have learnt over the years.  I am fortunate to have the opportunity to do that in several ways.  My blog [2] allows me to share my cooking ‘journey’ and thoughts with you all while my classes [3] permit me to pass on information in a hands-on environment. 

Designing new classes is always challenging although it is something that I enjoy immensely.  I usually start with a general concept and a few ideas for different things that I would like to teach, then comes the research.  When I am designing a recipe I find as many options for that particular dish, or similar dishes, as I possibly can.  I also try to find out the history and cultural impacts of the meal and with all that knowledge to hand I then develop what I think will work.  The next step is the kitchen. 

Testing a recipe is exciting because you’re never really sure if it will actually work.  Most times I have an idea of what to expect and can then tweak things as I go.  I usually need to repeat a dish to get it exactly the way I want it which means we have to taste test two delicious meals.  It’s a hard job but both G & I are committed to the process :). 

Indian is one of my favourite cuisines because it involves the use of spices and has such exciting flavours.  When I was designing this class I knew I wanted to teach some classic recipes that had the depth of flavour that Indian food is known for.  I finally came up with Spiced potato cakes, Chicken skewers, Lamb rogan josh and Ground rice pudding.





















If you would like to take a look at this or any other class details take a look at the class [3] page on my website.