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Thermomix tips and tricks

I recently wrote about how special it is to share recipes.   Sharing tips and tricks that help us all get the most out of our Thermomix is also a wonderful thing to do.  I asked you all to tell me what your best Thermomix tip was via my FB page. Thanks to everyone who shared their ideas, there were some great ones!

  • Thermomagician – Making Magic in my Kitchen – Don’t throw liquid gold down the sink. When you make stock – use the water you use to self rinse the bowl as the next liquid stock you use.
  • Ali – My tip is: don’t worry about peeling veggies or coring fruit (e.g. Apples, pears) when making any recipes that will blitz them up anyway (soups, smoothies, dips). The skins hold additional nutrients (after being washed well!) and it avoids unnecessary waste. We’re too quick to throw away the good stuff!
  • Hillary – Remember to use the self-clean function. Especially after making dough, I like to put 1 litre of water a drop of dish washing liquid 3min/50 C/spd 4, when that’s done, turbo pulse 2-3 times. No sticky dough under the blades, no gummy TM brush or dish cloth, love it !
  • Rachael – The little bottle brush that you get to clean baby bottles teats make cleaning under the blades very easy work.
  • Maria – My tip for everybody would be to use the machine and accessories at the same time and you’ll not only save electricity but you can make a three course meal in about 25/30 minutes. Use the Thermomix glass to make a cream of carrot, the lower varoma tray can be filled with frozen beans, carrots, artichokes… and the top varoma tray with some chicken breast, salmon… Now, that is some healthy meal and best of all, while your machine works, you can just sit down and relax!
  • Minnie – When measuring, place a bowl on top of thermo and place items in that when correct, tip in. I weigh my flour, butter etc this way saves having to tip out.
  • Debbie – Not cooking related but I have sat my thermo on a bamboo place mat, this helps when needing to move it, which is every time I use it as I have limited bench space. I just slide it out saves having to lift it every time.
  • Thermomagician – Making Magic in my Kitchen – When you self rinse turn the blades on reverse and it swirls the water a little higher and gives the lid a good wash at the same time..
  • Yasmin – When using the Varoma to make an omelette or steamed veggies and meat (or anything really) I measure the water and turn the machine on to Varoma with the MC in place THEN start chopping/preparing the food. Takes roughly 6-8 minutes for it to get up temperature anyway so it means no time is wasted and saves 5 or so minutes in cooking time. Every minute counts when you are a full time working mum of two kids two and under!!!!
  • Nerissa – Pre plan what u r going to do when u do a big batch cook up so that u aren’t standing around doing nothing when your machine is cooking for you. ie make dough for your scrolls and biscuits and set aside until u have a hot meal cooking and then do the rolling out and cooking.
  • Bron – Place the butterfly to the left of the stamped blade (with TM symbol) when looking at it pointing ‘north’ – that way the butterfly has a high point of the blade on front of it, less chance of the butterfly flying off.
  • Helen – When milling/grinding powdery products such as sugar or flours, place a sheet of glad wrap over the mixing bowl before putting on the lid. This stops the dust getting all over the lid and also stops powder coming out.  You can then continue next steps without dusty powder dropping from the lid of thermi, saves a lot of mess.
Thanks so much for sharing everyone.  As mentioned on my FB page, there would be some prizes for contributing.  These were chosen using today  🙂
Congratulations to:
– Ali
– Debbie
– Minnie
Please contact me to claim your prize.
Fiona xx

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