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Thai pumpkin and fish curry

Continuing my journey into the unknown depths of my freezer has allowed me to discover certain items that I had completely forgotten about.  I’m not sure that is a good thing or something that I should be admitting to but it is a fact.  One of those items was a large fillet of crimson snapper.  It was a gift from some grateful students given to me some time ago (too long ago to tell you about as it is highly embarrassing :)).  Luckily they were keen fishermen who knew exactly how to keep fish in good condition for the longest possible time.  It was in a cryovac pack then wrapped in several sheets of newspaper (which told me exactly how long it had been there).  I decided to defrost it and see what the quality was like.  To my upmost surprise it was in very good condition, which proved that good storage technique is an essential part of cooking.  It was a thick fillet so I knew that I wanted to cut it into large pieces and put them into a curry.  So I delved into the www to find something of interest.

I also had some butternut pumpkin that I wanted to use so the recipe that I finally decided upon was perfect.  I used this as a base recipe and made my own alterations.

thai pumpkin and fish curry (recipe adapted from Jill Dupleix’s original)
serves 4

My tips/alterations:  *I doubled the amount of pumpkin and once it was all softened I removed half of it so that I could blend the mixture with a hand blender.  I then added the additional pumpkin and the fish.  *I left out the green capsicum because I didn’t have one. 












ease: 8/10.  Using a pre-made paste makes this dish very simple to put together and doesn’t compromise the flavour too much. prep time: 10mins.
cooking time: 25mins.
total: 35mins.

taste: 7/10.  I liked this curry because I enjoy fish.  G on the other hand thought it was OK because he is not really a fish lover.  I usually make my own curry paste so found it a little challenging to use the pre-made paste especially trying to find the right sweet, sour, salty, hot balance that I love about Thai curries.  Overall, this was a simple, quick and relatively healthy version of a red Thai curry and who wouldn’t enjoy that.

would I make it again: Yes – If I had fish and pumpkin that I need to use up.

Thai fish and pumpkin curry recipe [2] – From cuisine.com.au