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Sweet potato and coconut steamed pudding

I’m constantly amazed at how my Thermomix makes the most difficult cooking creations so easy.  A few weeks ago I decided to adapt a recipe for a steamed sweet potato  puddings.  They were delicious and so much easier with the Thermomix.

One of the other things that little miracle machine has done is (re)inspire me in the kitchen.  I have always loved trying new things, creating something that I can call my own.  That was until life got so busy that I didn’t have time to consider what we might eat for dinner let alone be creative.  Dinner just became “whatever is the fastest, healthiest meal with the least amount of dishes possible.  Usually it was steak and steamed vegetables, steak and salad or stir fry.  Believe me, there is only so much of all of those dishes that one person can eat.  Now it is “would you like curry or risotto for dinner?”  We will often have Thai chicken red curry, risotto or anything we feel like really.  Last week I even made a Chunky beef chilli which I thought sounded a great way to use the piece of rump steak that I wanted to, rather than pan frying it and steaming some vegetables :).

Another thing I love about my Thermomix is the business that it has created for me.  I am so lucky to be able to do something that I love, to meet some amazing people and to actually have people thank me for changing their lives and making things so much easier.  What a great job I have and what a lucky girl I am!

I hope you get to do something that you love too.

sweet potato and coconut steamed puddings (adapted for the Thermomix from recipe in Dish [1])
serves 6

1100g water, for cooking
½ tsp ground rock salt
400g peeled and 2cm diced (orange) sweet potato
150g coconut milk
½ tsp vanilla extract
100g coconut or palm sugar
25g desiccated coconut
2 eggs
900g water, for steaming
to serve
coconut cream
Fresh fruit of your choice
Toasted shredded coconut
6 x 125ml ramekins

Place water and salt into TM bowl, add basket and place sweet potato into the basket.  Cook for 16 minutes at 100°C on speed 4.  Once potato is fork tender, remove the basket using the spatula and shake off excess water.  Discard water from bowl.  Place potato into the TM bowl and heat for 1 minute at 90°C on speed 1 to remove excess water.  Puree for 30 seconds on speed 4.  Remove from bowl and set aside to cool.

Add coconut milk, vanilla and sugar to TM bowl.  Heat for 2 minutes at 90 °C on speed 1.  Inset butterfly.  Add desiccated coconut and cooled potato.  Mix on speed 2 and with blade running add eggs one at a time thru the hole in the lid.  Beat for 20 seconds on speed 3.

Divide mixture between ramekins, filling them 1cm from the top.  Pour water into TM bowl and place ramekins into Varoma.  Set Varoma in place.  Steam for 20 – 25 minutes at Varoma temperature on speed 1.  Puddings should be just set.

Serve with garnish of your choice.

My tips/alterations: *This is best made in ramekins rather than patty cake moulds then attempting to turn them out.  *Don’t overcook these as they will dry out and become slightly chewy in texture.  You could add more spices to this such as cinnamon, nutmeg and even a little of all spice.  *If you like your coconut cream (to serve) really thick then pop it in the fridge for ar least an hour before serving.

ease: 7.5/10.  Not difficult, just a few steps
prep time: 15 mins.
cooking time: 45 mins
total: 60 mins

taste: 8.5/10.  These have a slightly unusual and very delicious flavour.  The coconut and palm sugar come through the potato and the texture is quite light.

would I make it again: Yes, especially if I wanted to do something a little different for my friends.