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4 comments to Strawberry and lemon tart

  • Three very good reasons for which I have just tagged your rss feed in my favourites:
    your blog is simply lovely;
    my husband is an Aussie;
    I run a food blog with the same name as yours out of Italy!
    VERY pleased to have found you. Alex

  • Hi Alex, Lovely of you to leave a comment and RSS my blog all the way from Italy! I hope you find some recipes that you and your husband enjoy. I love your blog also and will enjoy sharing the name. Fiona 🙂

  • Joanne Bayly

    Hi Fiona,

    This recipe looks lovely. But I have a question which may be dumb. Do I leave the skins on the orange and lemon before I process them? Thanks. Joanne

  • Hi Joanne,
    Not a silly question at all. Yes, you do leave the skin on. The only time I remove it is if the white pith under the skin is really thick but normal if I use Meyer lemons I will leave the skin on. The same goes for the orange.
    I hope you enjoy it when you get to try making it. Let me know what you think.