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5 comments to (paleo) Breakfast bar

  • Riki

    Fiona. I LOVE breakfast bars, but it is so high in sugar. And, as you know, I need it to be glutenfree and grainfree too. So, I am really excited to try these breakfast barsut soon! I’ll let you know how I go!

  • Louise

    These look great Fiona – I can’t wait to try them! I love finding new breakfast ideas to break the monotony of the mad morning rush!

    I have always put off poaching eggs as I was scared they wouldn’t turn out right. The Thermomix changed my way of thinking and poached eggs have become, (for now), my favourite breakfast creation for my family!

  • Hi Riki and Louise, thank you sooo much for your lovely comments. I’m so please that you both like it. A lift gift will be coming to both of you!! Fiona

  • Anna

    Hi there, thank you for sharing these. I’m always on the hunt for something different to offer my children at breakfast time. If I wanted to substitute the nuts in these bars (I realise i’ll lose nutrition but they also look like a great lunchbox addition), what / how would you recommend I subsitute?


  • Hi Anne, thanks for your message. At a glance I would try putting the coconut up to 100g, remove brazil and cashew nuts, add 4 tablespoons of hulled tahini and substitute the almonds for extra seeds of your choice. Although I have not tested that at all, I think it should work. That might be one I have to test now 🙂

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