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Mandarin muffins

In some of my previous posts I have mentioned the generosity of friends and colleagues when it comes to serving my passion for cooking. Several of them grow their own fruit and vegetables and often I am the fortunate recipient of any excess goods that they may have.

One […]

Cupcakes for a cause

As you may already know I never seem to need an excuse to bake something as it is one of my favourite hobbies. However, when there is a good reason for doing so it makes it that little bit more exciting. Last Monday was National RSPCA cupcake day here in OZ. So what […]

Orange cake

Whenever we have visitors I always like to have something in the cupboard to offer them to have with a cup of tea or coffee. So when G told me that he was going to catch up with a couple of mates and then invite them over for a cuppa […]

Brown butter banana tart

Having good friends over for dinner gives me an excellent excuse to create something that I would not normally make. So when one of my girlfriends said she could join us one evening I put my thinking cap on.

My dear friend Cherie came for dinner last night […]

Lime slice

I am fortunate enough to have some wonderful friends who not only recognise my passion for cooking but also foster it in many ways. Their generosity is, at times, somewhat overwhelming although sincerely appreciated. I am often lucky enough to be given ingredients, especially home grown items such as fruit […]

Banana bran muffins

Having fruit that is a little past its prime seems like an endless reoccurrence in our house, especially when it comes to bananas. I’m not sure if I buy too many or whether neither of us eat enough but there always seems to be some left by the end of […]

Lemon almond tart

I had a dear friend coming around for coffee and a chat today and I didn’t have a thing in the cupboard to nibble on while we nattered. It was 7am and I decided to try a new recipe that another friend had given me recently (as you do at […]

Lemon yoghurt cake

Visiting friends or having friends over always gives me a great excuse to bake and I often like to try something different. My recipes come from a range of sources such as my Mum, my Nanna, other people blogs, the internet in general and sometimes they are given to […]

Fuyu dessert cake

I love finding new produce or products that I have never used before. I’ve even been known to purchase items without really having any idea what they might taste like or how to use them and bringing them home just to experiment. For me, this is part of the joy […]

Passionfruit biscuits

Upon our return from holidays I restocked the fridge with fresh fruit and vegetables ready for the week ahead. As I was doing so I discovered three passionfruit that looked a little worse for wear. I thought about throwing them out but then I remembered that when looking for good […]