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5 comments to Make your own – Port soaked figs

  • Pinpan

    Thanks, love fresh figs but have no supply and waiting for my fig trees to get big enough. I like dried figs but wanted to soak them in something and your post is perfect! Good description and just what I was looking for. Pagan in the panhandle (Florida)

  • MoonBaby

    Figs were meant to be eaten with port!
    Your recipe looks wonderful! My fig tree is finally large enough that I have high hopes to get enough to put up. I obviously need to get more creative.

    I found a bumper crop of figs last year and put some up in port. It has been a crazy year and to honest I do not remember how/what was put in there other than port and figs… you know if there is enough alcohol in the port to have kept the bad bugs at bay, or should I take a loss and throw them out?

  • Just made this recipe, but was looking for a sweeter version so omitted the pepper and added a couple of strips of orange peel and a few cloves. I was going for a “christmas pudding” flavour and got it. Very easy method and the whole house smells wonderful. I did find that the liquid was very syrupy at the end and did not cover the figs in the jar. Do you think it would be OK to just add a little extra water next time? Great recipe, thanks so much for sharing. Will become a regular treat I think and lovely gift for friends.
    Thanks 🙂

  • Kerryn

    You got me with the Nooky’s delight – my favourite port! I also love the label and what’s in the bottle. My mum has a huge fig tree which is always has heaps of figs and I am always wondering how to preserve them other than standard dried figs – will give this a go.

  • Hi Kerryn

    Thanks for your comment.
    I hope you enjoy these. I’m sooooo jealous of the family fig tree. I usually just beg people for them 🙂

    Enjoy! Fiona